Heating Up North Country Fair

When PDC returns to the ever-popular North Country Fair to kick off festival season, we'll be packing a little extra heat. Joining us for a number of songs throughout the set will be fire-performers extraordinaire, Circus of Hell. Doug "Demon" Thompson first worked with the band when he was cast as a fire-belching devil in the Don't Die Until You're Dead video shot last summer. The following month, Doug joined the band onstage to juggle some fire during Knuckles. But until now, the two acts have never performed together during an outdoor festival, making this appearance a one-of-a-kind event. Fingers crossed this goes down as the "Rammstein of rockabilly". Showtime is at midnight of the summer solstice, Friday June 21. For more info, visit: https://lslncca.ca/current/       





PDC Television Debut Set for Fall

Thanks to all of you that came out to support the taping of The Moment: Season 1 on May 19th. The evening proved more challenging than first thought, given some technical difficulties and Randy's continual reapplication of make up to suppress the buckets of sweat he tends to generate during a show. (apparently the camera doesn't like perspiration) Like a good boxing match, the shoot went a full 12 rounds but in the end a short, energetic set was captured, complete with snippets of interview footage. The first season will debut on Vintage TV across Canada and the US this fall. A HUGE thanks to production and crew for making this possible.    





    The Swingin' Seeds of Success

Thanks to all who attended our combined show on April 12 with House of Hush Burlesque at The Station on Jasper. Our personal highlight was having the fiery, Holly Von Sin joining us on stage for Hot For Teacher. We were honoured to be a part of such a unique, vegas-style show featuring the beautiful Violette Coquette, Scarlet Von Bomb and Holly Von Sin. Fingers are crossed that we can take this production into soft-seat venues in 2020.