02/15/2019    The Swingin' Seeds of Sins

Given PDC's love of showmanship, it's no surprise that the band has crossed paths with burlesque over the years. But never have the two entities collided quite like The Swingin' Seeds of Sin, set for April 12 at the Station on Jasper in Edmonton. The show will combine the energy of a sweaty PDC show with the sultry stylings of the House of Hush Burlesque. Randy B explains, "When working with burlesque in the past, the two acts were quite separated. The Swingin' Seeds of Sin is very different in that we will trade off between music and burlesque performances, using two stages, but there will also be songs where the two acts appear together." Aside from pure entertainment value, the show will feature an MC who will transition the two acts with historic anecdotes about the rise of burlesque, swing music, and rock n roll, all under the guise of a fire and brimstone preacher. Full show details coming soon.






01/12/2019   Firing Up the Midwinter Meltdown 

After a proper ringing in of the new year at the Bailey Theatre's Haunted Ball, the band is set to head to Calgary for the Midwinter Meltdown, Feb 1st. Joining forces with surf-kings, The 427's (voted the city's Best Live Act of 2016), the goal of the first annual Midwinter Meltdown at the Ironwood Stage & Grill is to combat the winter blues with a dance floor packin', audience participating show that brings together two high energy acts, one from the north and one from the south, with a distinctly retro flavour. To sweeten the deal, the excellent, Hard Knox Brewery, will be sponsoring the evening. Seating is limited so table reservations are strongly encouraged by simply calling the Ironwood Stage & Grill at +1-403-269-5581







10/02/2018   Latest Video Takes Flight

What began as a simple idea in March, took full flight during the final week of September as the band hosted two separate premieres of the new video, Don't Die Until You're Dead. The first took place in Edmonton in support of the cast and director Steve Van Diest who all hail from the city. The following night, a second launch took place as part of Alberta Culture Days in Wetaskiwin, in the very same theatre the video was shot back in July. This time, fire performer Doug Demon Thompson reprised his role in the video as the devil to not only open the show with some side show shenanigans, but joined the band mid-set for a bit of fire eating. Sunday morning, subscribers to our youtube channel got the first online look, with social media soon to follow. Now that it's out, be sure to have a look and let us know what you think.





09/26/2018   A Fiery Feature by Vue Weekly 

Things really started to heat up prior to our Video Release show in Edmonton, when local Arts and Entertainment paper, Vue Weekly featured a generous and complimentary article on the event. The extra exposure stoked the flames even further, resulting in a full house two days later when the Punch Drunk Faithful poured into the Station on Jasper to witness the premiere of Don't Die Until You're Dead on the big screen.

Read the full article HERE: http://www.punchdrunkcabaret.com/press






08/04/2018    Summer Disturbance Tour Dates

As the summer heats up, so do our tour dates in support of This is a Disturbance.

For details on each and every show simply click on the SHOWS link or email us directly from the CONTACT link.







 07/ 03/ 2018   Revenge of Jake the Bear Lyric-Video Launch

What do you get when you mix roaring 20's swing music with an adrenalized shot of punk rock? A song like Revenge of Jake the Bear. Inspired by a random interpretive centre stop while on tour, the true story of a badass black bear named Jake that defied town authorities on countless occasions was one that captured our imagination. Described as a song of defiance, this band favourite also delves into the endlessly entertaining topic of human stupidity, brought to life by a soundtrack that suggests Queens of the Stone Age and the Great Gadsby had a parking lot dust-up.

See it HERE: https://youtu.be/rxAZCqsyb2k 




06/29/ 2018   Bombs Away! Performance Set for Popular Airshow Weekend

2018 continues to be a year of firsts as the band makes it's maiden voyage to Cold Lake, AB to perform during the ever-popular airshow weekend, July 21. Home to a Canadian Forces base, crowds will be treated to an awesome display of firepower during the day, while some kick ass music heats up the evening. Canadian legacy act, Big Sugar headlines Full Throttle Fest on Friday, while PDC plays one of Alberta's coolest venues, The Grande Parlour on Saturday. Full details on our SHOWS page.  





06/25/2018  Jazz Fest Front Cover

Our first ever jazz fest show was met with enthusiastic response when we found ourselves on the front cover of the local newspaper.

And let's face it, when was the last time you saw a drummer on the front page? 







05/13/2018   The First Review is In! 

Thanks to John Slam, host of London, Ontario's Shakin' Katz program on CHRW 94.9FM for the first review of This is a Disturbance.

Once again Punch Drunk Cabaret have released another winner with " This is a Disturbance". Hell, it's a smart and dangerous album that will color you impressed and leave you wanting more. Highly recommended!!! 

Click here for full review: http://reviewsbyslam.blogspot.ca/2018/05/punch-drunk-cabaret-this-is-disturbance.html




05/09/2018   Punch Drunk Sings About Disturbances, Upheaval

The ever supportive, Camrose Canadian published a feature article today about the inner workings of the new album, This is a Disturbance.

Editor Josh Aldrich's take on the new release is that "Punch Drunk Cabaret is growing up". Click here for full article. 






 05/08/2018   Kicking Off Medicine Hat Jazz Festival

When we first started out, it came to our attention quite early that our eclectic sound was opening the door to a diverse number of venues. Since that time, we've played Rock, Country, Blues, Roots, Folk and Steampunk Festivals. But the one genre that continued to evade us was Jazz. Until now! June 23 will kick off our summer festival season with a trip to Southern Alberta to perform at the Medicine Hat Jazz Fest. Although it might seem an unlikely match at the outset, Punch Drunk's signature steampunk swing sound harkens back to 1930's swing, which of course has its origins in jazz music. Whether we'll receive a hero's welcome or be showered with assorted fruits and vegetables in various states of decay remains to be seen. Showtime is 6:30pm at the Bus Terminal Stage.





 05/07/2018   The Sun Rises on PDC

We're pleased to announce that prerelease copies of This is a Disturbance can now be found at select Sunrise Records outlets:

Edmonton: West Edmonton Mall

Red Deer: Bower Place Mall

Calgary: Chinook Centre



Plus the following independent stores...

Hanna: Emporium

Camrose: Space

Wetaskiwin: Warrens Music




04/04/2018  This is a Disturbance album preview

Punch Drunk Cabaret founding frontman Randy B has a bizarre theory:

“Swing music was the original punk rock”. For anyone who has seen the high-energy trio in action, this declaration makes for a compelling argument.


Swing music seems a strange, out-of- date topic in an age when smart phones and social media reign supreme.  But, it’s at this unlikely crossroads that you’ll find Punch Drunk Cabaret’s signature, “Steampunk swing for the 21st century” sound.


Randy B furthers his case, drawing parallels between the 1930's swing era and present day 2018. “There was economic uncertainty, global tensions, and a push towards women’s rights. The parallels are undeniable. Even today’s student protests echo the spirit of the 1930’s Swing Kids youth movement that directly opposed Nazi rule. The Swing Kids were more punk rock than punk rock itself.”


Although Punch Drunk Cabaret doesn’t take on any political parties with their latest album, This is a Disturbance, they do channel the current heaviness that seems to permeate the planet. Songs like Under the Darkest Sky and Don’t Die Until You’re Dead maintain a certain optimism despite oppressive subject matter.


Bring me beauty, bring me bombs, bring the storm before the calm tonight.

When day turns night and wrong seems right, hold your lantern high under the darkest sky.


Sentiments that are buoyed by ecstatic swing beats and fuelled by overdriven guitar.


“I wouldn’t consider This is a Disturbance to be a concept album, but it does have themes of upheaval and conflict throughout, which is a bit of a departure for us. But the music is as driving and uplifting as ever.”


Despite Punch Drunk Cabaret’s swingin’ rhythms keeping a certain musical lineage alive, they’ve never had any desire to be known as a nostalgia act.


“It’s important to us to be relevant and have one foot in the 21st century while keeping the spirit of swing and rockabilly alive. As a songwriter, I enjoy writing from a “Fantasy Football type” scenario, imagining what it might be like if Green Day collaborated with Stray Cats and had Tom Waits front the band. Art and music are much more interesting when different genres and time periods collide in a fiery crash.”


Musical collisions have always made up the core of the Punch Drunk Cabaret sound, and continue to be frequent throughout This is a Disturbance. Songs like the title track and Black Liquorish combine blustery, bluesy shuffles with garage-rock guitar, while Bucketful of Boom and Bring Your Teeth are charged with an anxious, R&B vibe. Those that have come to expect some rockabilly and cow-punk flavours over the course of the band’s four-album history won’t be disappointed by tracks like Burn Down the Chicken House and Flag Bible Gun.


The release of This is a Disturbance comes on the heels of what was Punch Drunk Cabaret’s most successful year to date, picking up an Edmonton Music Award, performing at the nation’s largest Steampunk festival and adding new member, Twotone Teddy Roy to the line-up.


“Not only were we able to capture the enthusiasm that comes with a new member, but the combination of Twotone’s upright and electric bass paired with Capt. Sean E Watts’ stand-up drum kit makes for a rhythm section that is both retro and modern. That essentially sums up the Punch Drunk sound.”   


This is a Disturbance is available through iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and CD Baby in May.






 03/17/2018    Attack of the Album Teasers 

With mixes nearly complete, two album teasers have been released to Youtube and social media. Although short and cryptic like all good teasers, both reveal completed album art. A third, longer teaser will be released in April, previewing a monstrously swingin' song called, Don't Die Until You're Dead. The tune is a heavy favourite for a full music video to be shot this summer.

Watch the teasers HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ97Aur4apM and HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMnv5g2QQ9U








01/08/2018   Creating a Disturbance of Epic Proportions

On the heels of what's been our most successful year to date (33 shows, performances at Canada's biggest Steampunk event and an Edmonton Music Award), the band has taken up residency in the murky confines of Swampbelly Studios for the next few months to work on our fourth album, This is a Disturbance. Picking up from where Electrik Steam Show left off, the new songs promise to maintain the signature swingin' rhythms and rockabilly riffs that PDC has built a rockin' reputation on. Like any musical artist worth their salt, we've also been adding some fresh new flavours to the sonic sauce. Swampy garage blues, caffeinated pop-punk, and a smattering of rocked up R&B can be found simmering throughout the mix. With a release date set for mid-May, stay tuned in the months ahead for song snippets, album info, and early glimpses of album art.



11/04/2017    Revving up the Engines and Road Testing New Material

Those planning to attend the final few shows of 2017, can expect to be treated to a sampling of brand new songs, fresh out of the hopper. For the past two albums, we've found it invaluable to have our audience weigh in on what they felt was our strongest material. Life's too short to sit through tepid tunes! There's no better way to counter those long, isolating winter days in the studio, than knowing you're creating an album of fan-approved songs. The last shows of 2017 will take place in Calgary: Nov 17, Red Deer: Nov 18, and Slave Lake: Dec 31. For full details, simply click HERE.




10/11/2017    Getting Naked for Halloween 

Given our image and our live show antics, PDC tends to land a good Halloween show each year. But sometimes lady luck smiles upon you with an offer you simply can't refuse. Such was the case when the best live venue in the north, Grande Prairie's, Better Than Fred's, asked if we'd be up for an opening spot for Canada's premier punk princess, Biff Naked. Best known for radio hits like Spaceman and I Love Myself Today, Ms. Naked has also gone on to author a best selling book as well as becoming a sought after motivational speaker. Beauty and brains packed into one explosive package. Who could say no to that? The Halloween Howl is set for October 28.


Get your tickets here: https://tickets.revolutionplace.com/Online/default.asp?doWork::WScontent::loadArticle=Load&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::article_id=DDB00DD9-0A31-4AEB-AEC6-5AC4A8870778&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::context_id=E0D67C18-344C-4E7A-8DFD-F309AADF6357




07/15/2017  Former Boom Chucka Boy Joins the Ranks

When longtime bassist, Terry Sawbones Grant announced he was leaving PDC after a six year tour of duty, remaining members, Bailer and Watts had to quickly compile a list of potential replacements. As an array of possibilities were discussed, one name that topped the list was former Boom Chucka Boy, Teddy Roy. For those unfamiliar with the Alberta based, Boom Chucka Boys, the band came to prominence nationally after signing with Royalty Records/ Sony Entertainment.  Singles from their two albums found their way into the Canadian Country Music charts and they were nominated twice for Group of the Year before the band folded in 2016. 


So why choose a bassist best known for his work in country music? Bailer explains, "We knew he could handle the pressure of touring and playing bigger stages. Plus, he could fluidly switch between stand-up and regular electric bass, which we felt would bring a new dimension to the PDC sound, hence the nickname "Twotone". In fact, the Boom Chucka Boys started out as a rockabilly band before the industry transformed them into a country-rock act. Sean and I thought it was funny that Teddy is likely more famous than the two of us put together".


As a sort of initiation, Twotone's debut took place on Canada Day, performing five shows in just two days.


"We figured that either his performance would improve with each show or he'd just crumble under the pressure." laughs Bailer.


Since then, the newest member has been wowing many a devoted PDC supporter with his combination of rock solid playing and performance heroics.





06/30/2017   PDC Receives Video of the Year Award

Randy B awoke early Friday morning by the buzzing and pinging of cell phone messages as the band learned that their entry for Video of the Year won top prize at the Edmonton Music Awards. The music video for the popular song, Beard of Bees, was filmed last summer and released in September. It was long-time director, Mark Remple who urged the band to submit the video in March of this year. Remple, along with camera man/ photographer Larrie Thomson were on hand to accept the award at the gala held at the esteemed Winspear Centre, June 29 while the band finished up a heavy month of live dates. Thomson's acceptance speech was especially poignant following a near fatal heart attack suffered days before the band was set to shoot their latest video for Sweet Dreams (are made of this) at the Bailey Theatre in January. 







02/06/2017  PDC Video Shoot Lands Front Cover

The January 28 video shoot at the Bailey Theatre in Camrose was a smashing success, made even sweeter by the Camrose Canadian featuring the event on its front cover. The paper followed up with a short review (see below) and an online gallery consisting of 10 photos. Special thanks to editor Josh Aldrich for all the support!



 Punch Drunk Cabaret rocked the Bailey Theatre in Camrose on Jan. 28 for the filming of their first live music video for “Sweet Dreams (are made of this)”.


The Alberta band packed out the historic theatre with their unique brand of rockabilly and steampunk swing.


The song is one of the few covers they play and is one they usually close their shows with. The hope is the live video will help show promoters and radio discover what a Punch Drunk Cabaret experience is like. More than 130 people crammed into the Bailey Theatre, many dressed in their best steampunk costumes with the hopes of being caught on camera.


Local band The Men Who Fell to Earth opened the night with a set of rock hits from the 1990s.


PDC is next performing at the Ice on Whyte Festival in Edmonton on Feb. 4.